Solar Force 1 5200 Watt 404 Amp Lithium System

Solar Force 1    5200 Watt 404 Amp Lithium System

Price: $10,900.00

On Sale: $9,500.00

You save: $1,400.00! (12.84%)

5200 Watt 404 Amp Lithium System

Plug your refrigerator, freezer, TV, medical equipment (like a CPAP) and LED lights into the Solar Force 1 and relax. You can also run a microwave, toaster oven or power tools. Use it at home, while camping, at a work site, or just to reduce your monthly power bill. It’s plug and play…as easy as can be.

With solar panels it runs silently and without any fumes. No worries about finding gasoline with this one! If the sun is down and the grid is up,.  It’s safe to use indoors or outdoors…at any time. No need to run extension cords outside to a noisy, gas-guzzling generator. You’ll be using solar power…clean, efficient, renewable, and safe. You may plug into the power plug on the back of the inverter or have the inverter wired directly to circuit breakers on your power panel in your home for specific areas of your home to be taken off the grid. (power company)

You may remove certain electrical circuits from your home permanently. Have an electrician wire directly from our Inverter to your breaker box and disconnect the circuits you have chosen from your power grid (electric company).  With the Solar Force 1 you may be able to run your kitchen lights, refrigerator, tv room. The limit is determined by the total amps you will be using during the day and at night.   Our formula for estimating the size of solar power systems is listed on our website under. There is no limit on how big your system can grow.

SEE       “What can I run with my solar power systems.”

Also, be sure to apply for your 30% Tax Deduction! Businesses use IRS Form 3468, Residential/Personal use IRS Form 5695.


1-Thor 1500 Watt Inverter peak 4500 Watts

additional 40 amp controller

10-120 Watt Solar Panels

2-2600 Watt Lithium Battery

25 feet of solar cables with MC-4 Connectors for 10 panels

(Add$349 for each additional 120 watt panel which includes all cables and connectors)